Sunday, February 26, 2012

Empowerment Week, Student Day at the Legislature, Volunteering with Planned Parenthood, UT Spring Break Kits, Project 2012, and Friends from Dallas

Empowerment Week/Meeting with James from Resist Attack

This year, Social Work Council will be hosting Empowerment Week: Safety. The three tenets are: Personal Safety, Sexual Safety, and Alcohol Safety.

This week I officially reserved Gregory Plaza for April 3rd and 4th from 10am-2pm. Come join us for lots of free goodies!

For Personal Safety, we are teaming up with Resist Attack to hand out free pepper spray. I met with the owner, James Shaw, on Friday to collaborate on how to hand out as many free pepper sprays as possible. He agreed to table with us, so you will have the opportunity to speak with him and learn more about Resist Attack's mission.
Here is the free pepper spray James gave me, and what we will be giving away in April!

For Sexual Safety, Voices for Reproductive Justice ("Like" our Facebook page!) will be handing out free condom goodie bags. More information to come!

For Alcohol Safety, I am still waiting to hear back from HealthyHorns, but I am hoping they will table with us. More information to come on this one, too!

Student Day at the Legislature

On Wednesday, I met with the planning committee to discuss Social Work's Student Day at the Legislature on March 6. Attending students are meeting this Friday, March 2, at 3pm in the School of Social Work's Utopia Theatre to group into caucuses (meetings have already been scheduled with several committees and representatives) to discuss what issues we want to address. To sign up, please e-mail

Volunteering with Planned Parenthood

Thursday was a pretty exciting day volunteering at Planned Parenthood. I took notes on a national Planned Parenthood conference call, and then I dropped off letters at the state capitol. (No big deal, just walking through the Texas House and Senate floors! [It really isn't a big deal, but it was pretty exciting for me]). Unfortunately, the letters were in regards to Texas defunding health care for 130,000 women.

UT Spring Break Kits

University Health Services will be handing out THREE THOUSAND free Spring Break kits this week on the West Mall. On Friday, a few fellow HSPEs and myself helped package them.

You get this sweet water bottle,

and all of these goodies: 6 resource cards (oops, one is a double in this pic), a bookmark, sunscreen, an energy bar, condoms, and lube!

I think they were about half done on Friday.

Project 2012

Project is UT's largest day of service, so of course Social Work Council was there. We teamed up at River City Youth Foundation.

We had to be there at 7:30am, so Gwen brought us homemade breakfast tacos. She is an awesome cook. Thanks, Gwen!

I didn't have a great vision of what we were doing as we started, so this is kind of a "middle" stage picture. We raked up a trail (this picture is a very SMALL portion of what we actually did).

Here is the finished product (again, a very small portion)!

Augie and Krista


More teamwork!

Gwen and Melissa worked in the garden.

Hook 'em! We had a great time.

Before You Go:

Did you see Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers "Really?!?" last week on Saturday Night Live talking about birth control? Really with Seth and Amy. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!"

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