Sunday, April 15, 2012

Austin 10/20, TFN Leadership Training, Lilith Fund Bowl-a-Thon, After Work Activism Group

Austin 10/20

This morning, bright and early, Social Work Council volunteered at the Austin 10/20 marathon. Our group helped unpack medals for the runners at the finish line. I only got to stay for about an hour and a half, but I did see the first 10 runners cross the finish line. Pretty exciting! I think Social Work Council should sign up for a race and train together (okay, maybe I just want/NEED a workout buddy/something to work out for.) COME ON, SWC!

TFN Leadership Training

I left volunteering at the marathon to go to The Texas Freedom Network's Leadership Training. I only got to stay for the first half, but it was extremely informative. They also provided binders full of information about civic engagement that I look forward to reading. THANK YOU, TFN!

Austin Chapter and Texas State Chapter Presidents 

Lilith Fund Bowl-a-Thon
I left the TFN training early to attend the Lilith Fund's Bowl-a-Thon! This was the big event I have been fundraising for the past several weeks. Thank you to everyone who donated. We had a rock star fundraiser on our team, but I am still inspired that I was able to raise $500 with your help! Thank you so much. (Our team raised over $3,500!)

This event was a blast. I got to chat with my favorite blogger, I met some of my thus far anonomyous Twitter friends, and I caught up with the Social Worker from Whole Woman's Health. Plus, I broke 100 when I bowled, woo hoo! I also left this event early to finish a paper, but I still had a great time!


Part of the participants in the Lilith Fund Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser

After Work Activism

Later in the evening I attended a focus group for some of my classmates Social Justice project. Their idea was to create an "After Work Activism" group for students who work and cannot participate in many activist events because of conflicts in their schedule.

We talked about some of our interests: the two that were repeated consistently were women's rights and education.

I'm so happy there was group consensus to focus our efforts on education. While I am very passionate about women's rights and reproductive health, I have been yearning to learn about a new social justice issue.

At the TFN training, I learned about the State Board of Education, an organization I'm still not very familiar with. All I know for sure is that they are a small group that holds a lot of unbalanced and unchecked authority- and that the 10 year re-election of this board is upcoming.

And so that's the group. We will pursue knowledge about the candidates for the board and help spread awareness. Because it is an After Work Activism group, the main goal will simply be to spread awareness through social media.

I am hoping to have the time to do enough research to write an op-ed on this topic, and of course share it here.

Interested? You do not have to be a UT student. This is a community group, not a student group. Check it out: After Work Activism Facebook Group

I am hoping to do more ground work on this issue with TFN, but if you don't have time for that, please heavily consider joining the new community group that can easily be worked into a busy schedule. The main focus is awareness, so even if you can't contribute, you should still join to learn and help make a positive change in your community (and state... and nation! REALLY!) just by being informed and VOTING.
SBOE District Map
Texas Tribune SBOE Election Bracket

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