Saturday, April 28, 2012

War on Women Rally April 28, 2012 Austin, TX

Today was the War on Women Rally. Jessica made a good point that it was a little anti-climactic. Unfortunately I too have been to a lot of these rallies and I had urges to leave early several times at this event. It was great to see SO MANY people out and from so many parts of Texas, but when you live in Austin and go to these rallies all the time it is kind of... same ol' same ol'. (I'm THRILLED so many people got involved. I can only hope that they will trek to the polls to make their voices heard where it REALLY COUNTS!) Anyway, there are ALWAYS great signs to be had, I got a picture with Dawnna Dukes, I signed some people up for Planned Parenthood's mailing list, did some voter registration, and signed a petition against new outrageous abortion reporting in Texas, so I'd still say it was a success!

Kathy Miller, president of Texas Freedom Network

Dawnna Dukes! She gave a shorter rendition of the speech below- truly inspiring.

Representative Dukes and me... SHERO

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  1. hey i know those three gorge ladies in the last pic. lovely! so glad i got to see you and hug you. fantastic pix!