Thursday, April 12, 2012


Of course linked from my favorite blogger and with a beautifully written preface:

"The story below is important.  It's real.  It's painful and beautiful and strong and necessary.  Because we aren't talking about an abstract person out in the interwebs somewhere but rather my friend, someone I love and for whom I care, I am going to be incredibly strict about what comments make it onto this post.  NOTHING that remotely attacks, shames, or criticizes the person in this post for the choice they made (the legal choice they made) will even be considered.  So, if you are here to attack, shame, or criticize, just turn around and leave.  Also, fuck you."

And here is an excerpt from the story:

"Because, you really do have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you know what they are going through.  Offer compassion before judgment.  Instead, regarding terminations, some people say that you must endure, even if you have been raped.  Or if your partner is abusive.  Or your life is in danger (mentally or physically). Or your much-wanted baby is dying.  You must continue to be a living coffin.  You must listen to the heartbeat that you have already listened to every month.  You must look at your fetus that you tried so hard for, that you wanted, that you were excited about, that you told the whole world about, before you go through with the already impossible decision to try to save your own sanity, and your own life."

Here is the link to the story.

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